SimAssist Maintenance and Support

Our experts are at your side

SimAssist Maintenance and Support

Our experts are at your side

Maintenance and support of the software

SimPlan offers all SimAssist software users the option of concluding a maintenance agreement, covering the following services:

Provision of software updates

  • This includes the provision of new software releases with new and improved functions, as well as bug fixes/updates.


  • SimPlan documents all errors reported by customers and aims to promptly rectify any problems. Bugs can be fixed with a separate patch or a workaround. Alternatively, bugs can also be fixed in the next available release of the software.
  • Support team e-mail:

Support hotline

  • Customers with a maintenance agreement can take advantage of our personal support hotline. To this end, SimPlan provides you with a telephone number for use during normal office hours. Customers can also access an online platform to contact the support team, view news – on upcoming software releases, for example – and receive individual assistance.
  • Support hotline for maintenance customers: +49 6181 6107129

Test licence

You can request test licences of SimAssist with the contact form.

We are happy to inform you about our maintenance services!