SimAssist Modules

Adapt the software to your requirements

SimAssist Modules

Adapt the software to your requirements

SimAssist modules

The SimAssist software has a modular structure. The frame application in the 4base module forms the basis of the entire software, and thereby a framework in which the individual modules and their plug-ins can be used and managed.

This means that the entire project (the creation, opening, saving or export of a given project, for example) is managed at the frame application level. In as far as possible, however, data is worked with directly in the relevant plug-ins, separate from the frame application. This means that plug-ins can be added, removed or updated as desired, without impairing the functionality of the entire software.

Thanks to the modular structure of SimAssist, you can also adapt the software’s range of functions specifically to your working method and requirements. The following modules are available:

Test licence

You can request test licences of SimAssist with the contact form.

4base (basic module)

4base represents the basic module and offers, in addition to the framework application, the basic plug-ins that enable data management as well as data retrieval.



2check provides functions for targeted retrieval and checking of your data.

  • Variables
  • Checking
  • SQL expressions


Data can be visualized and conveniently evaluated via the plug-ins of the 2view module.

  • SimChart
  • SimGantt
  • SimPie
  • SimVis


In order to analyze data individually and efficiently, the 2analyze module provides a number of plug-ins from the field of statistics:



2document is responsible for creating, forwarding, processing and storing information – ideal for your project documentation.



The 2calculate module contains calculation formulas for different technical systems. These are used to obtain a quick overview of planning and design-relevant parameters and thus to be able to develop a better understanding of possible bottlenecks and limits of the system.

  • Monorail
  • Sorter
  • RBG


The 2manage module provides functionalities for creating, starting and managing experiments, as well as for simulating project plans. Thus, fully automated experiment scenarios and projext plans can be comprehensively examined and evaluated.

  • SimClient
  • SimProject
  • SimTarget

We would be happy to advise you on which modules are relevant for you.